Aftercare Instructions

Microblading & Nano Brow Aftercare Instructions

Immediately after your procedure a light sealant of Polysporin ointment is applied to protect the skin from bacteria. Then, for the next couple of weeks, you should be committed to taking good care of the treated area. "Good care" means protecting against exposure to sun, water, sweat, heat and touch. DO NOT interfere with area.


*Remember to keep hair/bangs away from face for 1 week


DAY 1 Every Few Hours

Clean the treated area every few hours until bedtime. Wash hands for 30 seconds with hot water and soap before each cleaning.  Clean using cold water on clean Q-Tips. The cold will provide relief and the water will remove the accumulating lymphatic fluids which can trap dirt. Pass the cold watered Q-Tips gently over the

treated area(s). Do NOT rub or scrub over the tattooed area. Apply a thin coating of the Aquaphor ointment that is provided. Stop blotting 30 minutes before bedtime. You'll need to allow some drying time before sleeping.

Sleep with a clean pillow case and keep all pets away from the brow area 


 DAY 2 Every 3-4 hours

Wash hands for 30 seconds with hot water and soap before each cleaning.  Refer to the same protocol as day one, using fresh cold watered Q-Tips and a light coating of Aquaphor Do not allow prolonged contact with water. Do not wear makeup over or around the treated area. No creams, lotions near the treated area.

Blotting may be discontinued at the end of day 2.


 DAYS 3 Start “Dry Healing” 

Observe area for signs of infection (redness or swelling? Call us). The tattoo will begin to feel dry and chapped. DO NOT touch area. DO NOT peel flaking skin to prevent premature removal of pigment. Do not apply ointment today 


 DAYS 4-5

You may notice some flaking as the dead skin cells begin to slough off. This is normal and to be expected. Begin a morning and afternoon (only 2x a day) regimen with a hydrating moisturizer or the Aquaphor that is provided. Make sure they are free of any anti-aging or anti-acne ingredients.  Many clients lose 20-50% of the initial implanted colour. The once crisp strokes will soften. People with oily skin, may show more blurring of

detail than those with dry skin. *More detail work, final colour modifications and finishing touches are done later in the touch-up session.


 Days 5-7

Most of the colour will have faded by now, but you have probably adjusted to having a bit more colour. So once things fade, don't be too disappointed. If you think you have nothing left, you should look at your before photo for a true comparison. Even if it appears to be totally gone the colour can actually return in time. Remember we will make adjustments at the touch-up session once it has healed; 4-12 weeks.




While everything appears to be healed in 1 week. The reality is that it will take weeks for things to settle into a final stage. From there, things begin to gradually lighten over time. Until the settling, please be aware that colours may go through phases. They may appear cloudy or grayish for a while. This is normal. We will address all corrections at your touch-up.







NO CHEATING ON THIS or it could result in an infection or loss of colour. Remember, this newly applied colour is exposed to external factors until it becomes encapsulated by new skin.


While the wound is open, DO NOT APPLY anything to the treated area.


 DO NOT commit to any activity (indoors or outdoors) that may cause sweating.


 Because you can’t apply sunblock, you must wear a HAT or VISOR to protect area from sun.


 If you must take a SHOWER, wait minimum 24hrs and take caution that water does not run down face.


 Never use any exfoliating products during the healing process. No Granules, Glycolic, Hydroxy, or Fruit Acid lotions or soaps on the treated area. This WILL fade your permanent makeup. The less you do to the area the better it will be. The less you do to it, the better it will be.


AVOID EXERCISE 1 DAY prior - 5 DAYS after


 ∙Exercise increases the heart rate and expands pores, and produces sweat. All of these effects together promote a loss of colour retention. Therefore, for best results please avoid within 1-2 days prior to your procedure, and for 3-5 days following your procedure. If you must exercise, (and I know some of you WILL), you must be willing to accept the fact that you may be facing more work in the future.


Koreena does work with clients who are avid gym goers. If you must workout please contact her prior to as she can advise you on how to take care of your brows if you have to work out. 

She recommends waiting at least 3 days after the session to start training again.  Although as stated above it can reflect in poor retention and increased risks 




 ∙Please do not tan, or smoke, for one week prior to, and for up to one month following your procedure. Both are detrimental to the procedure. Especially smoking as it delays effective healing!


 ∙ No exfoliation or hard scrubbing for 2 months because even though the skin is healed on the outside, it is still

healing on the inside, so DO NOT DISTURB the healing process!


 ∙AVOID OVEREXPOSURE TO SUN and WATER! From day one, you will need to start thinking about protecting your new tattoo. If you go outdoors, wear sunglasses and a hat to shield your skin from prolonged sun exposure. If the tattoo is in an area that will be exposed to the sun’s rays (like your face) always use a sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30+ (after it heals) to help preserve your permanent makeup.


 NO DIRTY WORK and NO TOUCHING -1 WEEK until wound is closed or Flying on PLANE  24-48 hrs after (filthy environment) 


∙ Lawn mowing, gardening, cleaning out the garage and similar activities should wait until outer healing is complete, which normally occurs within 4-5 days. Try your best to keep your hands away from your treatment area; You could introduce bacteria into the open wound which could cause an infection.


 ∙ Only touch when hands have been thoroughly washed with soap and hot water for 30 seconds at minimum.


 SLEEP ELEVATED or PROPPED UP - 1 WEEK - until wound is closed


∙If you sleep ON the treated area, you WILL lose colour - and, it will stain your nice linens. So, prevention is important here. You may find that a travel neck pillow comes in quite handy after permanent makeup on the face. Sleeping on an inexpensive satin pillowcase works great as well.


 ∙ Keep hair away from area as hair carries oils, dirt, bacteria, etc.


 NO NORMAL SHOWERING or SWIMMING - 3 DAYS or until wound is closed


∙ Please understand that chlorinated and salt water, will discolour and/or totally remove your pigment!


 ∙ SHOWERING: You should do your best to take a cool, or lukewarm shower. NO HOT WATER. When rinsing shampoo or conditioner, allow the water to flow down the back of your head, NOT over your face.


These tips have been curated from the industry leading experts. Enjoy the process to amazing brows!